Shrinking Wrappell Body Wrap

This is designed for body wrap treatments of all types, clays, oils and all heat inducing inch loss solutions, or home use with or without any solution as it heat inducing qualities will show the results.

This Wrappell can be used on its own without any solutions if preferred or allergic to solutions or clays. The heat inducing film will create a fat reducing environment in the wrapped areas to create a shrinking of the wrapped area.  Better results can be achieved with different solutions.

Choose a product that gets real Results!

We sell two size rolls, large and small, and in various quantities

For home or salon use

Body Wraps : Creating an end product that gets TRUE RESULTS for inch loss,  cellulite reduction, treatment of skin ailments, and slenderising.  

You choose the preferred treatment, make sure you choose the correct wrap.

Wrappell is the preferred choice of the beauty industry professionals worldwide.

High Quality Body Wraps

Excellent quality for Body Wraps

Most affordable wraps and recommended for body wrap professionals and home users


Are your nails Thick , Brittle and Discoloured?

If the answer is yes there is a good chance you have a fungal infection in your nail.

The colour of the nail can typically be white yellow or brown. Other things that may indicate you have a fungal infection as well as nail thickening and it being brittle , you may see debris under the nail, you might see scaliness and the nail may be distorted.


It will not go away without an effective treatment. Fungal Aid the natural choice to deal with fungal nail infections.


Fungal nail infections are the most common nail complaint in the UK. The majority of these are caused by the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot. The risk of getting such nail infections is increased in older age groups , if you are a smoker, or if you participate in sporting activities such as swimming or running. Also if you have your hands or feet in water a lot it can increase the chances of getting a fungal nail infection.


People with psoriasis are more prone to fungal nail infections.


Treating a nail infection can take a long period of time. The nail will not be completely cured until the nail has grown out. That is why Fungal Aid needs to be used continuously once weekly until a new healthy nail has grown back. It normally takes about 6 months for fingernails and 9 – 12 months for toenails.


If you are an acne sufferer, thenyou know the frustration of searching for an acne product that actually helps your skin.


Most commercail products you have tried may work for a while, but the harsh chemicals in these products tend to make skin worse over time.


Spot Derm offers an alternative remedy for acne it may initially take a little longer to see positive effects, but once it kicks in you will see results, but most importantly, it will limit the side effects such as irrations, rashes, burning sensations or dryness.


Spot Derm is kinder to your face than most other commercial treatments out there ! Firstly test your sensitivity by applying a couple of drops of Spot Derm to the inside of your forearm with cottonwool.  If there is no burning, rash or irratation after a couple of hours you can try onto your face.





The sea kelp body wrap nourishes the skin and deeper tissues, while producing a more toned appearance. A nutritious sea kelp cream smoothed over the body area, and finally wrapped firmly in heat inducing Wrappell to delivers great results.

The Atlantis deep sea kelp body wrap soaks through the pores to the inner tissues where detoxification takes place and fats and poisons are broken down and pushed into the body’s natural waste system – the lymph vessels

After the treatment the Wrapell is removed, it is advised to drink plenty of water during the next 48 hours to aid the “flushing out” of the toxins.
The seaweed body wrap products continue working for up to 12 hours so it may preferred not to shower immediately.

The sea kelp soaks into the skin during the process leaving the skin feeling soft and silky and which is great for dry skin





BCAAs are often thought to be the supplement of choice to build muscle when working out, we are true, however there are many other qualities associated with BCAAs.  

BCAAs – Branched-chain ammino acids

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. 

They are essential, meaning they can’t be produced by your body and must be obtained from food. 

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