Palus is a brand which constists of a very unique ingredient set !


It holds qualities of ancient times which the products have been formulated from peat from the marsh lands which hold some quite amasing preservation qualities.


Formulated with natural peat, these nutrient-rich products caresses your skin with powerful mud qualities and minerals and hydrates with jojoba, chamomile,  and evening primrose oils. 


Stimulating, hydrating and beautifying, the mystery of the marshs has drawn visitors to its powerful mud for hundreds of years, now you can bring these powerful minerals directly to your own home. 






Fitbiotics is a specialist wellbeing company which from humble beginnings, is becoming world renowned company, with a reputation for quality and a leader in innovation.

Based in the UK with a worldwide customer base which is growing year on year.

Atlantis is a unique Inch loss solution



Everything to

do with Washing

Spot Derm is harsh on the acne yet kind on the skin. 100% natural

Shrinking Wrappell The number one product for the body wrap market.

Fungal Aid a 100% pure remedy for nail fungus. This is now fully trademarked approved.

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