Spot Derm


If you are an acne sufferer, thenyou know the frustration of searching for an acne product that actually helps your skin.


Most commercail products you have tried may work for a while, but the harsh chemicals in these products tend to make skin worse over time.


Spot Derm offers an alternative remedy for acne it may initially take a little longer to see positive effects, but once it kicks in you will see results, but most importantly, it will limit the side effects such as irrations, rashes, burning sensations or dryness.


Spot Derm is kinder to your face than most other commercial treatments out there ! Firstly test your sensitivity by applying a couple of drops of Spot Derm to the inside of your forearm with cottonwool.  If there is no burning, rash or irratation after a couple of hours you can try onto your face.








Fitbiotics is a specialist wellbeing company which from humble beginnings, is becoming world renowned company, with a reputation for quality and a leader in innovation.

Based in the UK with a worldwide customer base which is growing year on year.

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do with Washing

Spot Derm is harsh on the acne yet kind on the skin. 100% natural

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